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Sharing Visions

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Beszélgetésre invitál a Capa Központ és a Magnum Photos. Az eseményen Bieke Depoorter és Peter van Agtmael fotográfusok beszélnek majd az egyedi fotográfiai gyakorlatokról,  a kortárs fényképészetről és a Magnum Photosról is, mely végén lehetőség nyílik kérdezni is a fotográfusoktól Virágvölgyi István közreműködésével.

In collaboration with Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, hear the Magnum photographers speak about their practices.
Ahead of their joint workshop, Sharing Visions: A Masterclass on Contemporary Image Making, hear Magnum photographers Bieke Depoorter and Peter van Agtmael speak about their individual photographic practices, contemporary image making and Magnum Photos.

The talk will be followed by a Q&A session chaired by István Virágvölgyi, curator, secretary of the Robert Capa Grand Prize Hungary.

Bieke Depoorter is known for the striking intimacy she forges with her subjects, resulting in revealing, atmospheric images that open up private worlds. Her early colour photography work is the result of a unique approach: accidental encounters are the starting point and how these interactions naturally develop dictates the nature of Depoorter’s work. This unconventional approach has led her to explore cultures in countries as varied as Russia, America, France and Egypt. Recently, Depoorter has ventured into moving image with Dvalemodus, a short film explores isolation, the warping of time, and the power of nature.

Peter van Agtmael is known for his deeply affecting, sometimes surreal images, which explore themes of conflict, history, memory, nationalism, militarism, race and class. He has spent more than ten years covering America’s wars from both sides and countless angles, from embedding with military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan to covering the civilian cost of the wars. He has also extensively documented the Israel/Palestine conflict. Outside of conflict and its aftermath, van Agtmael has documented many issues of social justice in America. van Agtmael has also made impactful work in Haiti following the earthquake, AIDS in South Africa, the revolution in Egypt and in the borderlands of Uganda.

Date: December 09, 2019, 5:30pm
Venue: Capa Center
The program is in English.
Free admission.

Peter van Agtmael: USA. Wounded Veteran, Sgt. Raymond HUBBARD. © Peter van Agtmael/Magnum Photos

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